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Paper Towel Roll Manufacturing Machine From Waste Recycle


    paper towel roll manufacturing machine from waste recycle

    Leizhan is able to supply the whole line for paper towel roll making from waste paper, which can used to make napkin, kitchen, toilet, handkerchief etc tissue paper. Include the stock preparation machine to final paper towel roll making.


    Paper Towel Roll Making Process


    To make tissue paper towel, the raw material can be wood pulp, waste paper, old carboard according to the different market demand. The raw material through pulp making line, paper making manufacturing procedures, paper converting section, boiler section then get final paper towel roll.


    2400mm Paper Towel Roll Machine


    Output paper: Toilet paper, napkin, kitchen, handkerchief etc tissue paper
    Capacity: 12t/d
    Output paper weight: 110-240gsm
    Net paper width: 2400mm
    Cylinder mould width: 2850mm
    Rail space: 3400mm
    Output paper humidity: 4%-8%
    Working speed: 80-120m/min


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