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Pulp Bleaching Function And Equipment


Pulp Bleaching Function And Equipment

The Main Purpose Of Pulp Bleaching:


Increase the whiteness and brightness stability, improve the physical and chemical properties of pulp, purify pulp, increase the cleanliness of pulp.


Pulp Bleaching Methods:


1. Dissolution lignin bleaching: By the action of bleaching agents, the chromogenic genes and other colored substances on the lignin structure in the pulp are destroyed and dissolved.
Oxidizing bleach: Chlorine, Hypochlorite, Chlorine dioxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Itch, Ozone
Used for chemical pulp bleaching
2. Preserved lignin bleach: Through the action of bleaching agents, the structure of the chromophoric groups in the pulp is changed or destroyed, so that the chromophoric groups are decolorized without dissolving lignin.
Oxidizing bleach: hydrogen peroxide
Reducing bleach: Dithionite, Borohydride


Basic Equipment In Pulp Bleaching Section


Pulp washing and thickening: Vacuum stock washer, washing drum, pulp thickener, etc;
Pulp conveying equipment: Pulp pump, screw conveyor, etc;
Pulp bleaching equipment: Pulp bleaching tower


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