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Pulp Refiner-Why Beating Pulp In Paper Making?


    Pulp Refiner-Why Beating Pulp In Paper Making?

    Double Disc Refiner play an important role in paper mill, which can greatly improve the pulp quality, but why need beating pulp in paper making process? The reasons as below:


    Pulp Beating Functions And Reasons


    1. After cooking or mechanical grinding, washing, screening and bleaching pulp, but also can not be used directly to paper. Because the fiber in the pulp lacks the necessary flexibility, the connection between the fiber and the fiber is poor. If it is used for papermaking, the paper will be loose, porous, rough surface and low strength, which can not meet the requirements of use.


    2. Pulp beating is the use of mechanical methods to deal with the fibers in the pulp to broom and moderate cut off, more importantly, when the fibers absorb water in the beating and swelling, so that it has high elasticity and plasticity, to meet the requirements of paper machine production, so that production of paper to achieve the expected quality indicators.


    As we know the importance of pulp beating, a high performance and low energy consumption refiner is vital for a paper mill. Leizhan manufacture high quality and cheap pulp refiner, welcome to consult us for more details: