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Sanitary Paper Making Line In Indonesia


Sanitary Paper Making Line In Indonesia

Leizhan upgrades a sanitary paper(toilet paper) production line in Indonesia paper mill to meet the increasing outspread of paper industry.

Sanitary Paper Production Line

Raw material: wood pulp, recycled paper
Place: Indonesia
Time: Feb.2017
End production: sanitary paper, toilet paper
Installation time: about 50days
Needed machine: D Type Hydrapulper, H.C. Hydrapulper, M.C. Pressure Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen
Central system: QCS automatic control system

Key Link In Upgrading Sanitary Paper Production Line

The upgrading production project mainly focus on increasing the pulping and screening capacity. So Leizhan designs to retain the old chain conveyor, pulp drum , stock pump, double disc refiner and so on, and only rebuild the pulping and screening machine.
1. D Type Hydrapulper: upgrade from 140-180t/d to 300-370t/d, use ZDSD30 type
2. H.C. Hydrapulper: upgrade from 40-50t/d to 185-260t/d, use ZDSG35 type
3. M.C. Pressure Screen: upgrade from 90-160t/d to 200-380t/d, use ZNS1.5 type
4. Inflow Pressure Screen: upgrade from 70-130t/d to 250-400t/d use NLS3 type