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Small Capacity Toilet Paper Machine


    In general, the small capacity toilet paper machine is mainly used to produce living paper, which final product can be cut into tissue paper, hand towel paper, napkin paper and facial tissue paper and so on. Leizhan paper machinery can provide whole toilet paper machine production line from raw material to paper rewinder. Small capacity toilet paper machine data as blow:


    787 toilet paper machine data


    Trimmed width: 787mm
    Basis weight: 25g/m²
    Operating speed: 335m/min
    Capacity: 2-10t/d
    Rule: 1300 mm
    Wire width:1100mm
    Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion control, split transmission
    Pulping line equipment:M.C.hydrapulper,high density cleaner,DD refiner,inflow pressure screen


    Toilet Paper Machine Paper Pulp Processing Line


    Wood pulp enters into middle consistency hydrapulper, slurry go in high density cleaner to remove heavy impurities, and then enters double disc refiner to improve degree of resolution, next enters approach flow system to go in toilet paper machine.


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