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The Correct Use New Paper Machine Felt



    Paper machine felt fabric clothing can remove impurities,dehydration and drawing paper sheet. The felt is a consumable item and generally needs to be replaced once every 3 months. The correct use new felt will increase service life. Here are methods.


    New felt of paper machine working slowly for two to three hours to test the speed between 70-80 24 hours later to mention 90-100 meters, 36 hours later to mention 100-130 meters, then work slowly later, use a week later must be cleaned, felt beater can only be used in the later period of the use of felt, cleaning felt must first understand the material. The need to use acid pickling strictly controlled between 3% and 5%. Nylon felt can not be used acid pickling, because the surface of the felt will under the action of acid is colloidal, the felt can’t be used anymore. Washing in time with fresh water. Residual acid can also be neutralized by alkali.


    It is very troublesome to change the felt in the paper machine, so the high quality felt is always the first choice of the customer. We can provide many paper machine spare parts, like doctor blade, dryer cylinder, dryer mold, etc. Welcome to consult me for more details. Email address: