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Toilet Paper Making Line


    toilet paper making line

    As we all know, Refining machine in paper making industry is one of the largest energy cost machine. To maximum possible cost reduction, Leizhan professional engineer design a complete set pulping line without DD Double Disc Refiner, which is low energy consumption and high efficiency.

    Tissue Paper Pulping Process

    Conveying the raw material( waste paper, wood pulp, paper board, etc ) to D Type Hydrapulper, get mixed pulp, then High Density Cleaner remove large heavy impurities. Using M.C.Pressure Screen’s coarse screening, fine screening, fractionating screening to replace the Refiner, not only don’t influence the quality of pulp, and simple the pulping process, reduce the cost.

    We can design different project for paper mill according to your demand, try our best to decrease the investment for paper making friends, welcome to consult us for more details: