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Toilet Paper Making Machine M.C. Hydrapulper


    toilet paper making machine mc hydrapulper

    Mid Consistency Hydrapulper is a paper pulp equipment mainly used to the toilet,napkin, facial paper making process, pulping wood pulp and other clean raw materials.

    M.C.Hydrapulper Features

    1. Specificity: Suit to the living paper pulping process. Has high requirement to raw material.
    2. Advanced Technology: Contact with slurry area adopt stainless steel material, which is wear-resistance and anti-corrosion, prolong service life. Energy-saving S type rotor, adjustable gap between rotor and sieve plate ensure the pulping effect.
    3. High working Consistency: The consistency of M.C.Hydrapulper is constant, which is always 3%-7%.
    4. O type structure, has pillar inwall, effective change the slurry flow way, and solid cylinder, not easy to deform.

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