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Toilet Paper Making Process


    toilet paper making process

    Toilet is mainly supply for people’s daily life, there are many raw material can used to make toilet paper, common used is cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulp. Here in Leizhan we main supply toilet paper making line adopt wood pulp and waste paper as raw material, the equipment is different when the raw material is different in toilet paper making process.


    How To Make Toilet Paper?


    First conveying the raw material to Hydrapulper use Chain Conveyor, The Hydrapulper in toilet paper making process mainly adopt Mid Consistency Hydrapulper, then High Density Cleaner in charge of remove most heavy impurities, after that through M.C.Pressure Screen coarse and fine screen, Refiner to improve the pulp beating degree. This is toilet paper pulping process.


    In general, the quantity of paper used in daily life is under 30g/m², own pretty softness, absorbency, cleanability and suitable strength. This require paper maker adjust well after pulp flow to toilet paper machine, any specific control in toilet paper making process, welcome to consult us: