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Toilet Paper Pulp Control


    toilet paper pulp control

    In toilet paper making process, from the pulp board raw material to body paper, some key process parameters must be control well, then can produce high quality paper. It mainly divided into flow part and paper making part, flow part include pulping, refining, pulp control and pulp feed, paper making part is form, press, dry, calender, reel, etc. Today we talk about the toilet paper pulp control in paper making process.


    How To Control The Pulp In Toilet Paper Making?

    At present the process procedure of high speed toilet paper machine all is real time pulp control, generally divided into top layer pulp and bottom layer pulp, top layer pulp is made of long fiber and short fiber, short fiber is much than long one, make top paper surface feeling smooth; Bottom layer pulp is made of long fiber, short fiber and broken paper, long fiber and broken is more, make toilet paper is produced has good tension.


    In pulp control process, mainly control parameter is flow rate of per slurry line. According to the set value of flow and the input value of the flowmeter, adjust the PID for the automatic valve of each line flowmeter, make the actual value of the flow is close to the set value, then make top and bottom layer pulp reach the stable condition of craft requirement.

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