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Wet Felt, Furnish Felt, Dryer Felt


    felt for paper making

    Felt for paper making industry is used to water removal, web conveyance and paper surface finish. Paper making felt can divided into wet felt, furnish felt, and dryer felt three kinds.

    Wet Felt

    Used in paper machine press part, material quality is thin, easy to filter, around 450-700g/m². It is divided into two types: plain and twill, former one filter very fast, but always make paper has felt traces, the latter is opposite.

    Furnish Felt

    Used In Yankee Dryer, twill weave, impact and smooth surface, use a blowtorch to clean the wool surface to make the wet sheet adhere to it.Usually the texture is thick, about 1000 ~ 1500 grams per square meter.

    Dryer Felt

    The dryer felt is also called dry blanket, used in the dryer section. The texture is the thickest, with a weight of more than 2000 grams per square meter.Good strength.Press the paper on the surface of the oven to warm evenly, with ironing and smoothing.It’s also made of cotton canvas blankets.