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Tissue Paper Making Line

Leizhan company can supply the whole toilet and tissue making production line to produce toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper, facial paper, kitchen towel paper, from factory design to producing line design, installation, commissioning and training.

2200mm overfeed paper rewinder

2200mm Overfeed Paper Rewinder

ZWJK frame high speed rewinder on hot sale, used for cutting the original roll on the paper machine, get suitable width and tightness paper roll.

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toilet production line

80T/D Toilet Production Line

80T/D Full toilet paper production line use waste paper and wood pulp as raw material, complete set of toilet paper making machine price and specification.

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toilet paper making process

Toilet Paper Making Process

Toilet paper making process is change with the different of raw material, when raw material is wood, the toilet paper making line is more simple compare with waste paper.

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mc hydrapulper for facial toilet napkin tissue making

M.C.Hydrapulper For Facial/Toilet/Napkin Tissue Making

Mid consitency hydrapulper is mainly used for the commercial pulp making line to produce toilet paper, napkin paper, facial paper, etc. high quality paper machine.

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Household Paper Manufacturing Machine

Facial tissue, toilet paper, napkins, kitchen paper, paper towels, etc household paper making machine, complete set of toilet tissue paper making unit for paper mill.

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wiping kitchen and portable paper towels making machine

Wiping Kitchen And Portable Paper Towels Making Machine

Leizhan supply the complete set of facial, kitchen, napkin, wiping, toilet paper making machine include the stock preparation. Professional paper making machine manufacturer.

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25T/24H Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine

25T/24H Toilet paper making machine manufacturer, paper recycling line for tissue toilet paper making, complete set of toilet tissue paper production line.

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Tissue Jumbo Roll Making Machine

Tissue jumbo roll making machine, hand tissue, napkin tissue making machine manufacturer, tissue machine manufacturer, complete set of hand tissue and toilet paper making machine.

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Complete Set Of Tissue Paper Manufacturing Plant

Leizhan is a professional tissue making machine manufacturer, we supply the complete set of tissue paper manufacturing plant, Small and Jumbo tissue making machine supplier.

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How To Choose The Raw Material To Produce Toilet Paper?

Many friends leave a message that want to set up a toilet paper mill, but don’t know how to choose the raw material and don’t know what is the difference between dfferent paper.

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