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3400/350 Multi-cylinder Corrugated Paper Making Machine



3400/350 two wire multi-cylinder paper making machine for paper plant to produce high strength Corrugated paper, kraft paper use OCC waste paper as raw material.


Technical data of 3400/350 multi-cylinder paper making machine

Main product: high-strength corrugated paper, kraft paper

Raw material: OCC

Basic weight: 90-180g/m2

Width of paper: 3400mm

Width of rolling paper: 3450mm

Working speed: 350m/min

Designed speed: 400m/min

Dynamic balance: 500m/min

Production capacity: 150t/d

Lip width of headbox:  3700mm

Width of wire: 3850mm

Driving mode:  AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive


Main structure of 3400/350 corrugated paper making machine

The machine consists of headbox, fourdrinier wire forming, press section, drying section, gas hood section, sizing machine, calender, mechanical drive section, compressed air system, lubrication system, hydraulic pressure system, basic section, reeling machine. Paper machine scheme drawing shows the main arrangement.