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250t LOCC Pulping Line


    LOCC is a raw material for making kraft paper, corrugated paper or T-paper. We designed a flow chart for a customer who set 250t LOCC pulping line machine. Full set LOCC pulping line machine provided by our company, and the pulping machine adopted advanced technology, no fiber loss in pulping line and save energy.


    Overview of 250t LOCC Pulping Line Machine


    Chain Conveyor: 95-300m³/h conveying capacity
    D Type Hydrapulper: 270-320t/d production capacity
    High Density Cleaner: 9000-12000l/min throughput
    Middle Consistency Coarse Screen: ∅2.2mm
    Fiber Separator: ∅4mm
    Reject Separator: ∅5mm
    Middle Density Cleaner: 9000l/min throughput
    Fiber Fractionating Screen: f=0.2mm
    Low Density Cleaner: 800l/min throughput
    Middle Consistency Fine Screen: f=0.25mm
    Inflow Pressure Screen: c=0.6


    Unit LOCC recycling 250t/d pulping line machine supplier from China. We have established pulping project for many countries. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: