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Machinery For Making Duplex Board


Machinery For Making Duplex Board

As professional paper machinery manufacturer, Leizhan is able to provide the complete duplex board paper making machine from duplex board pulp mill to rewinder. The supply information as following:


Duplex Board Paper Making Machine


Wire part
Press section
Drying section
Calendering section
Sizing section
Duplex board paper reeler section
Duplex board paper rewinder


Duplex Board Paper Pulp Making Equipment


Belt Conveyor: 60-600m³/h
D Type Hydrapulper: 5m³-140m³
Mid Consistency Pressure Screen:Screen hole: 50-1500t/d; Screen slot: 30-1100t/d
Thickener: 2500mm, 3500mm
Turbo Separator: 50-500t/d
H.D Cleaner:900-12000 l/min
Centricleaner: 400-1500 l/min
Chest Agitator:500mm-1800mm(Vane diameter)
Pulp Pump


The pulp and paper making equipment is little different according to your demand of paper quality and budget, if you interest, welcome to consult us, Email: