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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Coated board paper making line include two parts:paper pulp making line and paper making line.So, a complete paper industry must contain paper pulp machines and paper machine.

White Board Paper Production Line

White Board paper mainly used to the material to produce wrapping box.It is a kind of paper which is white in front and smooth, and has a gray bottom on the back. We can supply complete stock preparation line equipment of use LOCC and wood pulp as raw material.

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80T/16H Egg Carton Pulping Line

Egg carton is a container for eggs, which can produce use waste paper, such as OCC, waste cup paper cutting or greayboard paper. High efficiency, low investment, complete stock preparation unit production line.

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Paper Product Making Machinery Chain Conveyor

In order to reduce labor costs, the owner usually choose a more convenient way. Chain conveyor Just verified this concept. In waste paper recycling industry,chain conveyor mainly used for conveying various raw material to hydrapulper or bale breaker.

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The Method Of Replace Drum Pulper Screen Area

Drum pulper is used for waste paper recycling continuous pulping and coarse screen. When the screening area of drum pulper has been used for a long time, the screening area is likely to be blocked.

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Gravity Disc Thickener In Paper Mill

Gravity Disc thickener mainly used for thickening of low consistency to improve size loading. Pulping equipment is our main product and widely used in many countries.

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Paper Machine Spare Parts Doctor Blade

Doctor blade plays an important role in paper machine like toilet paper machine,culture paper machine and packaging paper machine,It exists in press part, dryer part and sizing part of paper machine.The doctor blade is an auxiliary device in the paper production process.

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4300mm Multi-Layer Multi-Cylinder Coating Board Making Machine

Complete set of multi-layer multi-cylinder coating board paper board making machine, paper card paper kraft making machinery manufacturer, cheap price high quality coated board paper production line machine.

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2880mm Coated White Board Paper Making Machine

85000tons per year production capacity high grade coated white board paper making machine, white cardboard paper making machine manufacturer, professional paper machine manufacturer.

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paper making boiler

Paper Making Boiler

Leizhan boiler on hot sale. High efficiency paper making Boiler, paper mill boiler manufacturer, boiler is mainly used to produce steam and heat exchange equipment.

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slurry pump

Slurry Pump Supplier

Slurry pump is very vital in paper making process, every stage need fan pump to flow the stock, Leizhan paper machinery is a professional slurry pump supplier.

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