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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Coated board paper making line include two parts:paper pulp making line and paper making line.So, a complete paper industry must contain paper pulp machines and paper machine.

Paper Mill Bale Breaker

Paper recycling pulping line bale breaker used for waste paper bale breaking and selecting. high efficiency remove smaller impurities ability, reduce wear to the following equipment, low energy consumption.

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Paper Mill Machine Heating Screw Conveyor

Paper recycling industry conveying the concentrated pulp machine, concentrated pulp into high consistency mixer, heating the slurry. Save steam consumption, frequency control and high efficiency.

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Paper Machine Doctor Blade

Paper machine important spare parts. Apply to all kinds of paper machine. Doctor blade adopted high quality material to improve service life and plays an important role in every paper machine section.

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High Density Cleaner In Pulping Line

Pulp cleaning machine high density cleaner in OCC recycling pulp production line. H.D. cleaner treatment paper slurry. High efficiency, less fiber loss and advanced treatment process.

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Paper Mill Sludge Dewatering Machine

Paper mill waste water pulp treatment machine, sludge dewatering machine. Improving recycling ration of paper pulp. Reduce fiber loss. High efficiency and high output.

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Four Layer White Board Paper Stock Preparation Line

LOCC and waste newspapers paper pulp making machine equipment. Unit four layer white board paper stock preparation line. Pulper machine, pulp screening machine, pulp refining machine. Whole paper recycling line equipment.

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4200mm Coating White Board Paper Machine

Whole production line of coating white board paper machine, used for surface coating process production of paper or films, etc. High speed and high quality final paper. Email for more details:

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Gravity Disc Thickener Instructions

How to operate disc thickener? Working principle of gravity disc thickener. Leizhan are able to offer complete paper mill machinery. Used in kraft paper, corrugated paper and Testliner paper pulping line.

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Outflow Pressure Screen VS Inflow Pressure Screen

The difference of outflow pressure screen and inflow pressure screen. Position and application in waste paper recycling line. Offer whole line equipment. High quality and high efficiency.

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5600mm Three Layer Multi Cylinder Cardboard Paper Machine

Packaging cardboard paper machine manufacturer, waste paper recycling line equipment. Leizhan offer unit cardboard board paper machine production line equipment.

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