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Cultural Paper Making Line

According to various production capacity and demands, Leizhan can provide culture paper manufacturing machine width range from 1880mm to 3750mm. To meet our customers’ various demands, Leizhan culture paper processing equipment can produce various basis weight sheet ranging from 40g/m2 to 80g/m2.

How To Deal The Recycled Adhesive In Paper Making?

Waste water treatmeant equipments manufacturer, how to deal the adhesive in paper making process? Paper mill waste water recycling machine, contact email:

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Centri-cleaning System for Paper Pulp Processing

The Centri-cleaning system is used in paper pulp processing line and divided into low density heavy impurity cleaning and low density light impurity cleaning.

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China 2000mm Culture Paper Making Machine

Leizhan China is the leading supplier of equipment in pulp and paper industry. Leizhan offer reliable Culture paper making solution for you.

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White A4 Printing Paper Making Project

Based on virgin pulp, deinked waste paper, used office paper, etc., paper makers can manufacture high quality white A4 printing paper. Wood pulp processing line equipment for paper plant.

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Chain Drag Conveyor Design And Manufacture

Leizhan professional engineers design and manufacture various Chain conveyor which is used in pulp and paper industry convey waste paper, paper board, etc.

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Pulp Cleaning System Machine

Pulp Cleaning System Machine are used to remove fine heavy and lightweight contaminants as well as entrained air.

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Inclined Screen Mesh In Paper Industry

Screen mesh is part of Inclined screen pulp washing machine in pulp and paper industry. Leizhan paper machinery company supply low price Inclined screen mesh.

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Structure of Drum Pulper

Drum pulper is becoming a more and more widely used large and efficient pulping equipment. Especially used to pulp recycled waste paper.

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Structural Principle of Rope Cutter

Rope Cutter is a kind of impurity-removing equipment used in continuous pulping system. It is used along with Hydrapulper and Ragger.

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Working Principle of High Density Cleaner

Leizhan-manufactured Pulp Cleaning Machine High Density Cleaner is a kind of pulp purification equipment in high concentration. Working Principle of the machine will be discussed in this article.

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