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2850 Three Layers Multi-Cylinders Paper Machine


2850 Three Layers Multi-Cylinders Paper Machine

According to the requirements of paper makers and the demand of paper quality and paper making capacity, our engineer made a suitable proposal for multi-layers cultural paper making.


Parameters Of Multi-Cylinders Cultural Paper Making Machine


Paper products: Printing/writing/copying/newspaper/newsprinting/a4/a3, etc
Paper width: 2850mm
Gauge: 4000mm
Working speed: 180-200m/min
Design speed: 250m/min
Production capacity: 120t/d
Transmission mode: AC variable frequency drive
Dimension: 6400mm*1100mm*5800mm
Pulp ratio: 100% waste paper
Headbox lip width: 3150mm
Wire width: 3250mm
Rolling paper width: 2900mm
Finished paper width: 2850mm


The raw material of our paper pulp equipment support also include virgin wood, and we can make the full cultural kraft testliner fluting paper making line machine, with pulping system machine and paper machine, rewinder, if you want to set up the paper making line or looking for pulp equipment and paper machine single machine or corresponding spare parts, welcome to consult us: