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Coated Paperboard Production Equipment


    Coated Paperboard Production Equipment

    Coated paperboard recycling equipment for paper plants

    Leizhan offer you a wide range of solutions to help your Coated Paperboard Production Plant business be successful. As a leading supplier of stock preparation and paper making equipment supplier, we understand your needs for equipment as well as for service.


    30t/18h waste paper recycling machine for Coated paper pulp making

    D type hydrapulper–Dump pump–H.C. pulp cleanerInclined screen–Pulp chest–Pulp pump–1st stage Coarse screenReject separatorPulp chest agitator– -M.C. sand cleaner–M.C. fine screenInclined screen–Pulp chest–Pulp pumpDouble disc refinerInclined screen–Accepts chest–Pulp pump–Pulp chest before paper machine–White water pumpPressure screen before paper machine


    2400 multi-cylinder Coated paperboard machine

    Trimmed width: 2400mm

    Basis weight: 80-250g/m2

    Working speed: 80-100m/min

    Production capacity: 30T/D