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2200mm Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine


    2200mm Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine

    2200mm corrugated cardboard making machine is multi wire multi cylinder paper making machine. The paper machine adopts a return part, a garden net part, a pre-pressing part, a main pressing part, a drying part, a steam cover part, a sizing machine, a mechanical transmission part, an electrical transmission part, a foundation part, a paper winding machine, etc.


    For recycling paper pulp making line to make corrugated cardboard paper, leizhan provide unit stock preparation line machine.


    Corrugated Cardboard Paper Making Machine Details


    Raw material: waste paper
    Trimmed width: 2200mm
    Basis weight: 70-150g/㎡
    Production capacity: 40t/d
    Design speed: 160m/min
    Working speed: 60-120m/min
    Dynamic balancing speed: 250m/min
    Wire width: 2600mm
    Gauge: 3200mm


    We make whole set waste paper recycling line machine include stock preparation line machine and corrugated cardboard paper making line. If you want to know more about corrugated paper plant, welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: