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Coating White Board Paper Making Line


Coating white board paper making line used waste paper and white shavings as raw materials. After pulper machine pulping, screening, cleaning and refining, fine pulp enters into coating white board paper machine to make final paper roll. Whole set coating white board paper pulping line machine can be provided by our company. Paper pulp making line as follows.


Coating White Board Paper Pulp Making Line Details


Waste papers are conveyed by chain conveyor into the hydrapulper for pulping. White shavings enters into another hydrapulper for pulping. Kinds of stock pulp will enter a series screening equipment(such as Pressure Screen, High Density Cleaner, Vibrating Screen etc.) to remove impurities from good paper making fibers. The fine pulp will be screened again by more than one inflow pressure screen to into the kinds of headbox of coating white board paper machine. The complete coating white board paper pulp making line is finished.


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