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Mid-consistency Pressure Screen Price


    Mid-consistency pressure screen is international advanced paper pulp screening equipment. Our company adopts advanced technicals and designs this new type pulp mid consistency screening equipment. It is used for wood/straw pulp hot screening and chemical, paper pulp coarse and fine screening. This pressure screen has better adaptation, less energy consumption and high efficiency when compared with common low consistency pressure screen.


    Features of Mid-consistency Pressure Screen Configuration


    1.Screen basket is the best Chinese can produce.
    2.Bearing is NSK from Japan.
    3.Mechanical seal is double face, made by American, which used for to protect bearing, if one face damaged, the other face still can use.
    4.The automatic oil injection device is from Korea, which automatically add oil to the bearing, whether have oil or not, just see the device in outside.
    5.The automatic water device from Finland, which used for protect mechanical seal.
    6.The main body contact pulp parts is made by SS304, the outside is sandblasting process.


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