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3 layers Corrugated Paper Machine


    According to the requirements of customer about paper quality and production capacity, Our technical engineer put forward a reasonable flow chart for the customer. Leizhan company has 40 years professional design experience and advanced pulping equipment manufacture process. Leizhan are able to provide complete waste paper recycling corrugated paper pulping line equipment and 3 layers corrugated paper machine. The 3 layers corrugated paper machine main data as below.


    Main Data Of 3 Layer Corrugated Paper Machine


    Trimmed width: 5600mm
    Basis weight: 70-160g/m²
    Rolling paper width: 5660mm
    Working speed: 780m/min
    Transmission Speed: 800m/min (motor 50HZ)
    Dynamic balance Speed: 1000m/min
    Rolling roller balancing speed: 2500m/min
    Climbing speed: 25m/min
    Gauge: 7400mm
    Production capacity: 750t/d


    Corrugated Paper Production Line Flow Chart


    Waste paper → D type hydrapulper → High density cleaner → Middle consistency pressure screen → light separator separator → Reject separator → Low density cleaner → Fine screen → Refiner → Approach system before corrugated paper → corrugated paper machine hedbox → Press part → Drying part → Reeling part


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