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300T Fluting/Corrugated Paper Making Machine


300T Fluting/Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Corrugated paper machine is consist of double wire forming part, press part, drying part, sizing part, paper reeling machine, foundation part and paper machine auxiliary system.


The Structure Of 300t Fluting/Corrugated Paper Machine


Forming part: Air-cushion type headbox, double wire forming(top wire 7.5m、bottom wire 21m)

Press Section: Two double felt large roll diameter press(Φ1500/Φ1500)

Dryer Section: 24 pieces of Φ1800mm dryer cylinders. Arrangement: 1+(3+3)+8+10+sizing machine+12+horizontal roll of paper machine

Traditional drive adopts section drive, AC frequency conversion speed control

The paper machine from the reeling machine to see wire section, drive on the right, is the right hand paper machine. On the contrary is the left hand machine


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