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3400mm High Strength Fluting Paper Machine



    According to the requirement of the demander and the practical experience of our company, we have made the following instructions on the structure data and supply scope of 3400/180 long net multi-cylinder paper machine.

    This paper machine is used to produce 90-110g/m² high strength fluting paper, which is consist of fourdrinier forming part, press part, dryer part, paper reeling machine, basic part, paper machine auxiliary part, etc.


    Fluting Paper Machine Details Of Each Part


    Forming part: Adopt open-type headbox, single fourdrinier forming( 14500mm fourdrinier );
    Press part: Consist of two main press part( Φ900/Φ850 )
    Dryer part: 18 pieces Φ1500mm dryer
    Reeling part: Horizontal pneumatic winding machine
    Transmission system adopts partial transmission, ac frequency conversion speed control
    Right hand Fluting Paper Machine


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