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4400mm Fluting Paper Making Machine


    4400mm fluting paper making machine

    As customer demand, Leizhan designed and manufactured a annual output 140,000t original fluting paper machine. This fluting paper machine equipped with headbox, forming part, press part, soft calendering part and paper reeling machine, etc. The specific details as the following points.


    Fluting/Corrugated Paper Machine Specification


    Paper kind: Original corrugated/fluting paper
    Reeling machine paper width: 4450mm
    Basic weight: 112gsm
    Basic weight range: 95-160g/m²
    Trimmed width: 4950mm
    Design speed: 600m/min
    Transmission speed: 600m/min
    Max working speed: 550m/min
    Fluting reeling machine max production capacity: 395t/24h
    Pulp ratio: AOCC


    We also provide the whole fluting/corrugated pulping line for customer, whole line from raw material to final fluting paper roll, welcome to consult us if toy have any need. Email: