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4800mm Cardboard Paper Machine


    4800mm three layer cardboard paper machine mainly used to produce 90-230g/㎡ paper. All products is paper roll. The cardboard paper machine consists of wire part, press part, drying part, reeling part. Before cleaning paper pulp enters into cardboard paper machine, the slurry needs to go through a series of screening, cleaning and refining, etc. Our company offer unit cardboard paper production line machine.


    Main Technical Parameters of 4800mm Cardboard Paper Machine


    Raw material: waste paper
    Trimmed width: 4800mm
    Basis weight: 90-230g/㎡
    Capacity: 350t/d
    Working speed: 450m/min
    Design speed: 500m/min
    Gauge: 6200mm
    Consistency of pulp feeding: 0.6-0.9%
    Dryness of the paper machine each part: Outlet wire section ≥22%


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