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50Tpd Carton Box Board Making Machine



    Here in Leizhan we supply the full production line of carton box making, the below specification is about 50tpd carton box board making machine.


    What raw material can you supply?


    1. 100% waste paper;
    2. Waste paper mixed virgin pulp;
    3. Wheat straw, wood, wood pulp


    What is the specific infromation of 50tons carton paper making machine?


    Output paper weight: 90-160gsm
    Net paper width: 2880mm
    Width of Cylinder: 1950mm
    Bearing center: 2400mm
    Drive&Control: Alternating current, frequency conversion, speed control, section.


    We also supply 50tpd carton box board making machine pulping line, include waste paper conveying system, pulping process, impurity cleaning process, etc, more details and requirement welcome to consult us: