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Paper Mill Vacuum System Energy Saving


    Paper Mill Vacuum System Energy Saving

    The vacuum system is typically installed at 370 to 6000 kW. This system operates at low efficiency without affecting the papermaking process, but increases operating costs. Some vacuum system energy-saving projects require little money to achieve results, but some require replacement of new equipment, new piping systems, new foundations, and so on. Vacuum system upgrades can also improve the papermaking process, effectively affecting machine efficiency, paper dewatering, and press felt performance. Compared with the ideal system, the temperature of the seal water, the internal fouling of the pump, the improper selection of the pump and the improper operation design will increase the energy consumption by 30%~50%.


    How To Reduce Energy Waste In Paper Mill Vacuum System?


    To ensure that the vacuum system is operating as energy-efficient as possible, the following steps are required:
    · Inspection and adjustment of the vacuum system
    · Routine maintenance of vacuum pumps and auxiliary equipment (including gears and conveyor belt drives and motors)
    · Replacement and calibration of measuring instruments and instruments for production process testing (vacuum gauges, sealed water pressure gauges, liquid level transmitters for vacuum pump tanks, motor ammeters)
    · Understand the vacuum system by recording and frequently checking the operating data of the vacuum system
    · Monitor energy consumption through inspections (EMBWA)


    Some problems with vacuum systems can result in higher energy consumption, higher costs, and inefficiencies throughout the system. This includes:
    (1) The sealing water becomes hot
    (2) Large flow seal water caused by irregular or high sealing water pressure
    (3) Vacuum pump back pressure caused by system design or operation problems


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