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10TPD A4 Paper Machine


    A4 paper can be obtained by recycling waste book paper and waste paper. Some customers with higher requirements for paper products will choose higher quality raw materials, such as virgin pulp. No matter which raw material is selected, we can provide a whole production line. One of our customers wants to set small capacity A4 paper making plant, our enginner made a suitable paper machine solution.


    Main Data Of 10TPD A4 Paper Machine


    Output paper: A4,A3 paper, Culture paper, Writing paper
    Trimmed width: 787mm
    Basis weight: 45g/m²
    Operating speed: 400m/min
    Production capacity: 10t/d
    Design speed: 500m/min
    Gauge: 1575mm
    Drive form: section drive


    If you want to set small capacity A4 paper machine, please feel free to contact us for more details. Email address: