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200T/24H Offset Paper Machine Pulping Line


Offset paper is mainly used for lithographic (offset) printing presses or other printing presses to print higher-grade color prints. It is suitable for printing monochromatic or multi-color book covers, texts, inserts, pictorials, maps, posters, color labels and Kind of packaging. We adopted 30% mixed waste paper and 70% wood pulp as raw material to produce offset paper. The finished product of offset paper has advantages of small stretchability, uniform absorption of ink, good smoothness, tight opacity texture, good whiteness and strong water resistance. We can provide complete stock preparation line equipment.


Specifications Of Office Waste Paper Pulping Line


Capacity: 80t/24h
Convey equipment: Chain conveyor
Hydrapulper equipment: High consistency hydrapulper
Screening equipment: Middle consistency coarse screen and fine screen
Cleaner equipment: Low density cleaner, high density cleaner, reject separator
Deinking equipment: Floating deinking machine


Specifications Of Wood Pulp Pulping Line


Capacity: 120t/24h
Convey equipment: Chain conveyor
Hydrapulper equipment: Middle consistency hydrapulper
Cleaner equipment: High density cleaner
Refiner equipment: Double disc refiner


Our pulping equipment adopted advance technology to guarantee the quality of offset paper. Welcome to consult us more details about offset paper pulping line. Email address: