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A3 Copy Paper Manufacturing Plant


    a3 copy paper manufacturing plant

    The size of A3 paper is 297mm*420mm, is the double of A4, mainly used as drawings for architectural design, we supply the full A3 copy paper manufacturing plant, the details as following points.


    A3 Copy Paper Making Line

    Raw Material: Waste office paper, white shavings, wood pulp;
    Output Paper: A3 A4 copy printing paper;
    Production Capacity: 20-270t/d
    Needed Equipment: Hydrapulper, High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, M.C.Pressure Screen, Reject Separator, Light Impurity Separator, Inflow Pressure Screen, A3 paper machine, paper reeling machine, Rewinder, etc.


    The specific equipment is changer according to your raw material, budget and the requirement paper’s quality. As for the details, welcome to consult us: