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The Advantages Of Double Felt Pressing


    The Advantages Of Double Felt Pressing

    For paper mill, some will choose double felt pressing to improve the whole efficiency and paper making quality. Therefore, what are the specific advantage of double felt pressing?


    What Are The Advantages Of Double Felt Pressing?


    1. There is a wide area of press area, increase dehydration efficiency;
    2. Due to the wider press area and less pressure, the risk of the wet paper being crushed is reduced and the bulk of the paper and paperboard is improved;
    3. Reduce the two sides property of finished paper product;
    4. Increase press section dehydration ability, improve dryness of paper out of press section. Reduce wet paper broken at the same time, improve paper machine running efficiency and production capacity;
    5. The dryness of paper out of press part is higher, and the volume of steam consumed by the dryer is corresponding reduced;
    6. Double felt pressing is specially adopted to the high-quantity paper board made of high beating degree slurry;
    7. Increase press pressure and reduce the risk of wet paper crushing.


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