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240t Kraft Paper Making Machine


4300 type multi wire multi cylinder paper machine mainly used to make 100-300g/㎡ kraft paper. According to the customer’s requirements, the fianl daily capacity is 240t/d. Full set OCC recycling kraft paper making line machine provided by our company. Main technical Data of 240t/d kraft paper machine as below.


Main Data of 240TPD Kraft Paper Machine


Main Product: Kraft Liner Paper
Output: 240T/D (according to 200m/min, 200g/㎡)
Quantitative range: 100-300g/㎡
Net paper width: 4300mm
Design speed: 250m/min
Working speed: 200m/min
Crawling speed: 25m/min
Gauge: 5400mm
Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion speed regulation division drive
Floor plan: Single storey.
Slurry ratio: 100% domestic waste paper


Full set OCC recycling kraft paper stock preparation line machine can be provided by our company. Contact us for more details. Email address: