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50t/d Kraft Paper Making Machine


    2400mm multi layer paper machine mainly used to make 50t/d small capacity kraft paper. A series of impurities removal equipment will be used in the waste paper recycling kraft paper production line. For example, screening machine, cleaner machine and refiner machine, etc. According to the user’s design requirements for this project, our company makes the following technical instructions for the 50t/d kraft paper machine.


    Main Technical Data of 50t/d Kraft Paper Machine


    1. Product variety: kraft paper
    2. Basis weight: 160-210g/m²
    3. Net paper width: 2400mm
    4. Gauge: 3400mm
    5. Design speed: 100m/min
    6. Working speed: 90m/min
    7. Capacity: 50tons/day


    Whole set paper recycling stock preparation line machine can be provided by our company. Any questions about 50t/d kraft paper machine, please feel free contact us. Email address: