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Turbo Separator Paper Industry


    turbo separator paper industry

    Turbo Separator is a waste paper processing equipment, it use the proportion differences of waste pulp and impurities, removing light and heavy impurities in waste paper, fiber separator also have function to relief and screening pulp. Leizhan manufacture high quality turbo separator machine, adopt modern waste paper pulping technology, requirement on low power consumption, less wastage fiber, as much as possible under the condition of less dosage of chemicals and waste paper relief into fiber, and impurities( sand, nails, plastic film, cotton yarn, clippings, etc) to separate out.


    Fiber Separator Technology Introduction


    Fiber separation is also called pulping or fiber defibrillation. The process of separation of vegetable raw materials into fine fibers. The purpose of fiber separation is to make a fiber slurry for making fiberboard. Divided into rough points and fine grinding two processes. Coarse separation is mainly to separate the wood chips into individual fibers or fiber bundles, and some of them are cut or torn. Fine grinding mainly separates the unfinished fiber bundles into individual fibers, and further divides the fibers into filaments, deuterated and thinned, and increases the total specific surface area of the fibers. Fiber separation methods are generally divided into mechanical and explosive methods.


    There are different model turbo separator for different production capacity, more details, consult us: