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25T/24H Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine


    25t 24h toilet tissue paper making machine

    One of our customer ordered a toilet tissue paper making plant to produce toilet paper, here are the details about 25t/24h toilet tissue paper making machine.


    Toilet Making Equipment Specification


    Raw Material: Virgin pulp
    Paper Grade: Toilet paper(reeling machine 16-40gsm, wire part 13.5-35gsm)
    Production Capacity: 25t/24h, wire part gsm 13.5, reeling part width: 2750mm, 100% production efficiency.
    Net Production: 21.2t/24h, wire part gsm 14.5, reeling oart width: 2650mm, 85% production efficiency.
    Dryness: 25t/24h


    Toilet Paper Machine Specification


    Max Working Speed: 500m/min
    Balanced Speed: 600m/min
    Design Speed: 600m/min
    Width: 3200mm
    Gauge: 3900mm
    Final Paper Width: 2900mm
    Paper Roll Width:2750mm


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