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2850mm Toilet Paper Machine


    The new type 2850mm crescent former toilet paper machine is composed of double layer bleaching headbox, crescent former, vacuum roller, yankee dryer cylinder and high speed hot air hood. The toilet paper machine use softwood and bamboo pulp as raw materials to produce toilet paper. Leizhan offer unit toilet paper making project equipment. More technical data about 2850mm toilet paper machine as below.


    Main Data of 2850mm Crescent Former Toilet Paper Machine


    Raw material: Softwood, hardwood bleached kraft pulp, bamboo pulp
    Output paper: Toilet paper rolls, facial tissues and household paper base paper
    Trimmed width: 2850mm
    Basis weight: 12-25g/㎡
    Design speed: 1700m/min
    Working speed: 1600m/min
    Roll paper width: 2850mm
    Production capacity: 70t/d
    Wrinkle rate: 18%~30%


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