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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Corrugated Paper Making Line needs Chain Conveyor, Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Double Disc Refiner, Inflow Pressure Screen, and so on. Paper pulp machine used to make waste paper turn to fine pulp for paper forming on the paper machine.

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How To Set Up A Paper Mill?

If you have trouble about how to set up paper mill? Leizhan paper mill will provide you reasonable advice according to your demand. welcome to consult us for more details:

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waste paper conveying process

Waste Paper Conveying Process

When produce corrugated paper, then need one more Bale Breaker compare with kraft paper making process, to select the waste paper to single piece, convenient for the following pulping process.

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Pulp Equipment Mid Consistency Hydrapulper

Leizhan supply differentsproduction capacity Mid Consistency Hydrapulper according paper mill’s demand, pulp equipment M.C.Hydrapulper is mainly used for pulping commercial wood pulp and other clean raw materials.

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pulp cleaning machine low density cleaner

Pulp Cleaning Machine Low Density Cleaner

Leizhan is a professional pulp cleaning machine low density cleaner supplier, manufacturer, Low Density Cleaner is mainly used for removing heavy impurities in the pulp like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles.

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Paper Drum Screen For Removing Impurities

Paper Drum Screen is mainly used after pulp Hydrapurger for removing impurities. The accepted pulp in Hydrapurger flowed…

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how much do you know d type hydrapulper

How Much Do you Know D Type Hydrapulper?

Paper pulp equipment is very important to get high quality stock, D Type Hydrapulper is widely used to pulping and screening from all kinds of material, leizhan supply high quality and low price Paper Pulping Machine.

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Fluting/Medium/Corrugated Paper Making Machine

High quality fluting paper machine, medium paper making machine, corrugated paper machine from Leizhan is on hot sales, Leizhan paper machinery supply different production capacity to satisfy your paper making demand, welcome to consult us.

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Waste Carton Paper Recycling Machine

Waste carton recycling machine is fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine, it mainly used to produce high strength corrugated paper, fluting paper in paper making industry. Which is energy-saving and low cost.

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400T/D Corrugated Paper Pulping Equipment

Leizhan’s new order for Jiangxi jingshan paper is 400t/d high strength corrugated paper making plant for pulping line, the pulping equipment needed in this project includes drum pulper, mid consistency pressure screen, light impurity separator, Reject Separator, etc.

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pulp doctor blade for paper making machine

Pulp Doctor Blade For Paper Making Machine

The pulp doctor blade is wildly used on paper making machine, no matter in press part, dryer part or sizing part, which can improve production efficiency and quality of paper.

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