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Tissue Paper Making Line

Leizhan company can supply the whole toilet and tissue making production line to produce toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper, facial paper, kitchen towel paper, from factory design to producing line design, installation, commissioning and training.

toilet tissue paper processing machine

Toilet/Tissue Paper Processing Machine

Toilet/Tissue Paper Processing Machine include toilet/tissue paper pulping process and toilet paper making line, paper pulping machine include Drum Pulper/D Type Hydrapulper, High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, M.C.Pressure Screen, pulp refining machine, etc.

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toilet paper machine

Toilet Paper Machine

Leizhan Toilet Paper Machine is on hot sale, which is very cheap, Tissue Paper Machine is a kind of machine gather napkin, facial and toilet paper produce together equipment, which is high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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reject separator

Reject Separator

Reject Separator made in china is high quality and low price, Reject Separating machine is mainly used for fiber relief and light impurities separate (plastics, etc)for tailing in the coarse screen system for waste paper pulp.

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Paper Cup Making Machine

High Consistency Hydrapulper is mainly used for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process, general office waste paper deinking line. It can used to produce paper cup, high efficiency and energy-saving

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Paper Making Machine Spare Parts

Paper machine spare parts is also play pivotal position in paper making process, such reeling machine, sizing machine, paper calender, dryer cylinder, press roll, cylinder, stretcher and so on all is very important to form high quality paper.

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Paper Making Press Felt In Paper Mill

Paper press felt is widely used in many types of paper making machine, such as toilet, napkin and facial tissue paper making machine, corrugated paper making machine, A3, A4, printing paper making machine, kraft paper making machine, etc.

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Paper Reeling Machine In Paper Making Industry

Jumbo paper roll rewinding machine to make your own rolling page is the final part of paper jumbo roll processing line. Paper reeling machine is used to wind paper sheets to certain rolls.

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20T/D Tissue Paper Making Complete Plant

One of my buyer want to setup the Facial, Napkin and Toilet Tissue Making complete plant, Leizhan provide the whole paper line of tissue paper making equipment for different production capacity.

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mc pressure screen in paper making industry

M.C.Pressure Screen In Paper Making Industry

M.C Pressure Screening paper maufacturing equipment is mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp. With advanced import parts, which have high working effieiency and low energy consumption.

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Drum Pulper And D Type Hydrapulper

Drum Pulper And D Type Hydrapulper pulping machine are both used for continuous pulping and coarse screening of watse paper under high consistency in paper pulping process.

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